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    Hi Guys,

    I have CSV files for some markets that pre-date Optuma’s live data and I’m wishing to append that data to the current live data so that I have full market history with automatic updating as each day passes. Is this possible? If so how to do it?

    I also have DJIA data that pre-dates 2 Jan 1900, Optuma’s DJI first data date, and I’m wondering if I create a CSV file with the DJI data from it’s commencement back in 1897 to 31 Dec 1899 and  combine it with exported CSV DJI data from Optuma whether the combined chart will display correctly in Optuma. I know some software has problems dealing with pre-1900 dates. Does that issue exist within Optuma?



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    The Optuma cache files are not raw text / XML, currently there is no way to add extra data to Optuma cache files using CSV as a source.

    With the Dow, Optuma does support pre 1900 dates.  It can be difficult to setup as Excel doesn’t format pre 1900 dates the same way as normal dates. You may need to use the Text to Columns process in Excel to force the column to be detected as a date.

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