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    If you have access to the Custom Breadth Module you can build you own cumulative Advance/Decline line for your portfolio or for indices not included in our Breadth Data.

    Before starting, make sure that you have the list of symbols you want to build the measure for as a Symbol List, and then under Data > Market Breadth menu in Optuma use the following the formula (remember true conditions are assigned a value of 1 so they can be counted):

    Select the Symbol List to use under Codes to Include, and give the data a Symbol and Name, and set the Breadth Action to Cumulative, and click Build Breadth.


    Once created, the chart can be opened or it can be added under a price chart using the Breadth Data tool.

    Create an A/D Line for NIFTY50 index

    This example will calculate the A/D line for the Indian NIFTY50 index, which now includes survivorship bias-free data back to 2011. This requires you to have the Optuma Symbol Lists on your account, and the NSE Indian data. The process is the same as above, but requires the ISMEMBER() function so that only the stocks that were in the index on that day will be included in the historical calculation:


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