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    Has anyone attempted to create a script to create the Daily Sentiment Index US (DSI) as an indicator in Optuma?  Before I try and do it, I figured I should ask the experts on this forum.  See https://www.trade-futures.com/dailyindex.php

    Jeffrey A.
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    Hi Fabien,

    I’ve had an interest in the data for a while but have not subscribed due to partly the investment cost and also not knowing how to update the data each day (FTP client I guess?).  Hopefully, you can figure out how to integrate the data here, I think it’s a smart idea.

    Found a few examples of indicators Jake put together:


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    Hi guys,

    Do you know how it’s calculated? It looks to be a proprietary indicator, so the only way to see it in Optuma would be to get the time-series data for each market in separate .csv files and import them.

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