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    I have a workbook with some charts, each chart has its own tab.

    Now I want create a new tab and want “import” some of my charts/tabs into this new tab to create a dashboard of my already existing charts/tabs.

    I have tried a lot of hotkey settings and the like but was not able to “import” an existing chart into my new tab.

    Inform me please how I can “import” an existing chart in the workbook into a new tab to create a tilled dashboard.

    Thanks a lot and best wishes,

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    Hi Thomas,

    You can click on the chart header and drag it to the new tab (if you want to keep the original chart right-click on the chart and clone it first (under Actions), and then drag the cloned chart to the new tab). When you drag the chart the blue shaded area is where the chart will be placed when you let go of the mouse.

    Untitled Project

    You can also import charts from other workbooks by right-clicking on a tab and select Import Page:


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    Hi Darren,

    thanks for the tip and the animation. The chart header was the only option I did not try!

    Best wishes,

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