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    This problem has been around for a long time now.

    2 problems.

    1. Opening the script manager, creating a script, and saving it under a name. Close Optuma at the end of the session, open Optuma up tomorrow, then open the script manager. The new scripts are gone.
    I have had to resort to exporting a script every time I create or change one.

    2. Modifying a script that is currently being used in a Showbar on the open chart. Crashes Optuma or refuses to save, repeating endlessly the Save/Discard box until Optuma crashes.

    Could the team please look into this.


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    Hi Michael,

    It’s not an issue I’ve come across and i use the script editor extensively each day.  Do you have the Optuma files setup on a cloud drive?  It’s possible there’s an issue with the sync, especially if you have a lot of custom scripts.

    If you aren’t using a cloud based drive, please contact support@optuma.com for assistance.

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