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    I am trying to set up an end of day scan using the search function (scanning manager). I will try my best to explain it .

    MIN L 5 > MIN L 20

    Minimum low of last 5 days greater than minimum low of the last 20 days


    MAX H 7.1 = MAX H 36

    Maximum high of last 7 days as of 1 day ago should be equal to the max high of last 36 days


    MAX H 3.1 < MAX H 36.1

    Maximum high of last three days as of 1 day ago to be less than maximum high of last 36 days as of 1 day ago


    H > MAX H 3.1 * 1.005

    Want the high of the set up day to be greater than the maximum high of the last 3 days as of 1 day ago then multiplied by 1.005


    AVG V 500 >

    Average volume of last 50 days be greater than 500,000

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    The following script should meet the criteria you are looking for…

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