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    So I have been playing with the Hart Swing Overlay tool and the Barros tool. I have settled on the Hart tool.
    This is a bloody useful tool for quickly identifying trends in lower time frame, medium time frame and higher time frame all at once.
    I am searching the internet for more information on the parameters and derivation but no success. So I would appreciate anyone who could point me to something along those lines.

    Now I also have a question about the tool. The Optuma site tells me that if you set the swing period to 5 then the swing up will be drawn on the 5th higher bar, like a Gann swing. However, this is not my experience in using the tool. It seems more like it swings up if the bar is the highest of the last 5 bars – a very different proposition. Can you confirm this please?

    Of course, I am not complaining because this characteristic is what makes it so useful in determining the real trend.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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