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    Can anyone tell me how to link multiple workbook pages and associated charts back to a watchlist? (Side note: is it possible to keep a watchlist open on the far left regardless of which pages/tabs you select within a workbook?) I know you can color code charts on the same workbook page to keep them linked, but any additional workbook pages I cannot find a way to link back to a source watchlist.

    I would like to use a workbook in this way:
    p.1 have a watchlist and 3 charts of the same security– daily, weekly, monthly (Ex: SPY)
    p.2+ have multiple ratio charts set up pulling the watchlist security as the numerator and having other defined securities in the denominator (Ex: SPY/RSP, SPY/TLT, etc). Any time I change the selected security through the watchlist, I would like to bring up a new set of charts– only changing numerator and keeping defined denominator.

    Any ideas or advice? Thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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