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    Hi Guys,

    Optuma chart data updates automatically, but often the market data set does not go back to the start of trading of the market.

    For example, Soybeans started trading in 1936, but the Optuma data sets start around 1949-1950. I’m doing some studies on Soybeans and have collated the data for all the contracts from 1936 to 1949, so now I’d like to be able to combine the two data sets so that I have a data set starting in 1936 that will update automatically with each new trading day.

    I’ve tried the chart “Overlay” and “Merge” functions, but they do not actually join the two data sets such that say, a Gann Swing Chart Overlay (GSC), overlays over the full length of the chart from 1936 to the current date☹ The GSC only overlays on the base chart (ie the chart data set first applied to the page) even though the price scale of both data sets are synchronised. Also, there appears to be no way to apply the GSC to the overlain data set☹

    In fact, with Overlaying or Merging the historical CSV file on the Optuma data set, the chart only shows the historical data where it actually overlaps the Optuma data set, not the earlier historical data☹

    I realise that I can export the Optuma data set to a CSV file and combine the data sets and then import the combined data set for analysis, but that combined data set will not update automatically☹

    Is there a way I can join, say Optuma’s “S2GannK” data set with my “Soybeans GannK 1936-1949” CSV data set to create a  combined auto updating data set?


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