IB TQQQ December 30, 1899 only and no current date data for all.

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    With version 2.1 build 100, I switched to IB (Interactive Brokers) data so I can see the current days data, but still only see the previous days data. When I select a code in US Equities it shows EOD and RT: IB on the right side, so I have no doubt the data is connected to IB so don’t understand why charting is not working.

    In addition, TQQQ for is showing December 30, 1899 when I switch from a code like QQQ for example on the same chart, so no data is showing. I am having the same problem with SOXL showing December 30, 1899. but it had been working. TECL is another that shows December 30, 1899. If I change to SPXL or DJI in the same chart it looks fine (other than not showing today’s data).  I have gone through the set up and it all appears to be correct, eg. TWS Port. As mentioned above it shows EOD and RT: IB.

    I hope someone has an easy fix for this because it’s incredibly frustrating when it’s not plug and play according to the directions.

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    Hi Donald,

    You need to ensure that IB have enabled your account for API access, and then follow the instructions here to enable ActiveX and Socket Clients:


    If you still have issues please contact [email protected] directly.

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