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    Hi, is it possible for an Index (eg: XJO) to be displayed as a percentage? eg: XJO on 25 Feb 2020 hit a high close of 7162 and low close of 4546 on 23 March. At a rough guestimation 7162 would be above 80% percentile and 4546 would be below 20% percentile.
    Getting stuck as to what I would be comparing to, to determine the percentage.
    Thank you

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    Hi Simon,

    Anything is possible (well almost), but we need more information. What is the range which has 7162 around 80%?

    When you say “percentile” that makes me think of a Frequency Distribution diagram, is that what you are looking for?

    We just need more information to be able to suggest how you can script something like that.

    All the best


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    I’m not sure if this is 100% what you are after, but it may help point you to the right direction.

    This is how it looks on a chart (Show View):


    So the ATH value would equal 100 and the ATL would equal 0.  The close position of each bar is represented as a percentage within the range of those two prices.

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    referencing above chart I feel the March low % should be more lower (washed out) though will have a further play with it. Thank you very much.

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