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    Is there a way to speed up intraday data downloads?  I’m not sure how best to manage it, or how to troubleshoot if that is needed.  I’m having a hard time finding a balance between having enough data on my charts to do deep analysis when needed, and being able to move quickly between charts in my watchlist without slow data downloads making me wait.

    My computer is new and above minimum specifications.  I have upgraded high speed data from my cable provider.  I use DTN IQFEED.   The time of the day doesn’t matter (5am Sunday morning, or during Market Open hours).  When I set the Data>Intraday Options to something low, 180 or 300, my watchlist loads quickly, but when I need to do deeper analysis on that chart I don’t feel like I have enough data.  When I set the Intraday options to something bigger, 1000, every time I move to the next stock in my watchlist Optuma gives me the message that it is downloading data and I’m not able to do anything for a full 10-30 seconds.  That is too long. I don’t see a way to increase the download size on demand for a single chart.  I tried to cycle the charts in my watchlist before I start, but after the cycle is done Optuma still seems to pull a fresh full data download each time I click on a new stock.   Does Optuma download a full data file every time the stock is accessed (slow?) or just increment the new data since the last download (smaller data pull)?  Can I somehow schedule the intraday data to download before I start my day?

    I need both ends of the spectrum – quick watchlist analysis, and the ability to do a focused review that gives me enough history to look back in time for trends.  Is there a best practice way to manage the intraday data downloads, or otherwise meet both of these needs?

    It would be great if I could somehow set the default to be something quick, but then on demand have a button that allows me to download long periods (3 years) on this one chart right now.  Alternately, it would be great if I could schedule a full download while I’m not on the system, and then just have the incremental new data be quickly pulled as I use it.


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    There are a few areas that can slow down Optuma when live data is in use.  Updating tools as new data comes in is one way (and depending on the tools you are using, this requires a full reload for all the bars on the chart as well).

    To help narrow things down, can you run a test, by opening Optuma in offline mode, and seeing how the performance compares to online mode, using the same amount of historical data cache.  Depending on the results of that test would determine which options are best to improve performance.

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