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    Has anyone built a script using the KAGISWING() function?

    If I want to backtest this theory.

    What goes in the ()… (green), (yang), (up)… Does anyone know the theory for buy and sell using just Kagi?

    Also in a backtest, how do I set the parameter for percent or points 🙁 sorry

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    Hi Jonathan,

    Remember that Kagi is more about the colouring scheme than a different calculation. You can use PERCENTSWING() and POINTSWING() and get the same shape.

    The change in colour on a Kagi is based on the Trend rules of swings. So you can use the SWINGTRENDUP() and SWINGTRENDDOWN() functions to know which direction the trend is heading.


    You can see below that it captures when the percent swing changes to an uptrend by taking out the previous high (black arrows).

    Hope that helps



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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