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    Hii Can any one help me with this

    There is no option to use 2 days true range is this the reason its not correct.

    Below is the article regarding the same.


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    We’ve had a look at the PDF and the script seems alot more complex than the lines you’ve provided so far.  The end result has 4 plots (the Warning line, then 3 Dev lines which swap from Above to Below the warning line based on the position of the close.  This would require several nested IF() functions to handle the flipping.

    It maybe possible, but you would need to request a scripting consult if you wanted us to look into it in more detail.  We can review and provide a estimated quotation based on what we find.


    With regards to your True Range query across two days, it could be done with something like this:

    This would combine the True Range value from the current bar and the previous bar.

    • Topics: 65
    • Replies: 55
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    Thanks Sir. Can you please let me know the quote.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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