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    Hi all,

    Rather than send an email to support, thought I’d post this here in case anyone else is wondering the same thing.

    I’ve been steadily watching all of the webinars and videos, and am currently focused on Signal/Trade Testing, and Backtesting related material.

    I’m seeing features on these videos that I’m not seeing in my platform, and given they’re all *really* useful features, I cannot imagine they’ve been removed from the software since the production of the videos some time ago.

    My current Optuma is Professional Services Version 10 Stable, 1.5 x64 Build: 64


    These missing features are:

    In the Signal Testing Module:


    In the Backtesting Module:

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    Those features are still available within Optuma, however most of them are part of the Enterprise Services level only.

    The Membership item is available for anyone with access to Optuma Symbol Lists in conjunction with the US Equities exchange. When the S&P500 list is selected as the source for the Back Test, the Membership field will appear.



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    Thanks Matt.

    I should note that I have paid for the Signal/Trade Tester as separate addons.

    Can we not pay something to upgrade to those backtesting options within Professional Services?  Is this something to think about?

    Nowhere in the comparison of features tables or elsewhere have I seen any indication of a “Backtester Lite” or “Advanced Backtester” etc that would indicate that some backtesting features (which I consider extremely useful to full and *proper* backtesting) are only available in the most pricey version of the software.

    I’m feeling a bit sideswiped here on this one..

    Is it not inconceivable that a solo trader trading their own/family accounts, who otherwise finds Professional Services to be adequate (with some purchased addons), would not require the full features of the backtester?

    Yep, I’m having a bit of a gripe.  If there’s any way at all that “advanced” backtesting features could be purchased as addons, then it would be greatly appreciated, with the caveat that I reckon I should already have access to these features.

    Cheers, Matt.


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    UPDATE: Should anyone else find this useful:

    As a subscriber to Professional Services, I was fairly taken aback by the *apparent* removal of what I deemed were important features of the Signal and Backtester (as above).

    I was using v1.5 of the software, as at early August, 2020.

    Subsequently, I joined the Beta Program (thanks Darren), and with v1.6 (Beta), indeed, all of these features ARE available under the Professional Services subscription.  Happy days!  Note, I have also purchased the Signal/Trade Testing addon.

    By the time many of you will come across this, the 1.6 FINAL will be available, so all of this should be irrelevant.  But I thought I’d update anyway for completeness.

    Cheers, Matt.

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