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    Hi Optuma,

    First a picture to set some context:
    Screen Shot 2022-05-08 at 9.57.39 am

    On this chart I’m using the ShowBar tool to highlight new trade setups. On this chart, this is a long trade setup, so I’m using an up arrow at the low position. For a short setup, I use a down arrow at the high position. Visually that seems to work pretty well.

    Some of my setups are for both long and short entries. Having just “up” or “down” arrows, and “low” or “high” positions doesn’t work for this scenario; it’d be handy to have a double headed arrow (i.e. “UpDown”) plus a “low and high” position as options in the ShowBar tool. That way I could display a double headed arrow both above and below the bar to indicate that I have both a long and short setup.

    Alternately, being able to put an “up” arrow above the bar and a “down” arrow below the bar from a single ShowBar command would also work fine.

    Thanks in advance

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    I’ve logged a request to add additional display options, including a double sided arrow on the Show Bar tool in a future update.  No ETA at this stage but I will update this post once I have more information.

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