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    For those using planetary lines on with stocks where a natal date is of concern, one must usually use a natal transit to get a read on the DNA of the stock movements. There are so many techniques surrounding this method of course as it is very subjective but I am looking for a better to lay a planetary line as it was on a specific day and then of course from that degree, lay a mirror line(the “reverse” line) & any harmonics of that natal planet I wish to show.

    Yes the lines would be completely horizontal but would give an easier way of accomplishing what I am doing currently…

    My process now is to use the price degree intervals tool and to manually enter the self calculated reverse & all harmonics which of course is cumbersome. Also it would allow the lines to be used in scripting as natal planetary lines which I think could open some “doors”.

    Furthermore, the system of choosing the number of harmonics shown on the chart could be a little more flexible – allowing me to also enter a degree of harmonic rather than preset harmonic…. Much like the price degree tool..In a sense this can already be done in different ways, but the logic is not as simple..As an example..of course a 150 deg angle is much like a 30 deg angle, but sometimes you want to lay a 0 deg planetary line(1st harmonic) & a 150 deg planetary line (which is the 2 2/5 harmonic.. or you can treat it like the 24th harmonic on a higher ratio…) and that is it, as of now my only method is to manually calculate that line, or lay the 30 deg lines and figure it which one it is…but of course any this can be done manually and with labeling…I am bringing this up as it would add the flexibility to quickly cycle through different techniques and through long historical research.

    Thanks for your time!

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