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    I have this code for a percentage increase in price value of more than 3% than the previous day, with a limitation of greater than $500,000 traded for the previous week.

    MA1 = MA(BARS=2, CALC=Close) ;
    ( ( (CLOSE() – MA1) *100) / MA1) > #Percentage:3
    TO(Week(PERIODAMOUNT=1)) > 500000
    and VOL()>0


    How do I change it to a decrease  – i.e. -3%

    I’m assuming my code above is correct, even though I’m using moving averages. I don’t know of another way, and it basically works.




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    While your script works there is an easier way to achieve the result you’re after, and that is by using the MOMENTUM() function.

    For 3% increase compared to the previous day, you would use the following script:

    For a 3% decrease compared to the previous day, you would use the following script:

    The full script for a 3% decrease, with your Turnover criteria would be:

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    Hi Alexander, Matthew, I noticed an interesting piece of syntax in Alexander’s initial post

    I’m not familiar with that syntax and it looks useful. Could either of you give me a clue where some explanation on that syntax might be in the Knowledge Base or the Script Video tutorials or elsewhere on the Optuma site? I’ve had a bit of a look around but couldn’t find anything.

    Many thanks, Dean

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    Dean – I found it in  the preset list of Searches under the name of “Value Change Greater than %”. I’m sorry, I can’t program. I just try and interpret and modify existing ones. Someone else will need to assist you in more details of that syntax.

    Thanks Matthew for the answer.

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    Hi Dean,

    That is legacy from years ago when we started the scripting engine. In the tiles we use in the scanning manager and testers, it used to expose the property into a menu. It was causing us so many issues that we abandoned the concept. The scripting engine still knows how to parse scripts with them in there.

    I did not realise that the default scripts still had them. I’ll have to set aside time to run through them all.

    All the best


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