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    I’m looking for some assistance for an installation issue on Beta Version 2.o.

    Fact Pattern:

    I currently have Optuma version 1.6  installed on 2 computers (Desktop and Laptop using OneDrive as uploaded common file location). I signed up for the Beta Version 2.o and was able to successfully install in on the desktop computer with no issues. I went to repeat process on laptop Dell XPS13 and it appears that the installation was successful (received final screen indicating that the installation completed successfully). However, when I start the program it begins to load and I receive a small message box that reads “ERROR” in top left corner and text that reads “Couldn’t setup pixel format, cant continue: invalid flags”. at this point I can click OK and it will clear the message but the program will not load as per usual.

    I have considered uninstalling and reinstalling on the Laptop and start fresh with the beta download but I wanted to check with you folks before doing so to see if you have better fix

    Thanks in Advance


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    The first step is to go to the Optuma program folder  “C:\Program Files\Optuma\” and run the updater again to make sure that all available files have been updated successfully.

    If the issue remains after that, make sure (if your system has two video cards) that the more powerful dedicated video card (nVidia or AMD) is set for Optuma to use:


    If the problem continues once both items above are completed please send the following file to Optuma support for review ([email protected]):

    Documents – Optuma – Local – Common – optuma.ini

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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