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    Save and open the attached files to open watchlists of companies in the following indices:

    US Indices Watchlists.owb (requires a subscription to Optuma’s end-of-day US data). This contains separate page tabs for the constituents of the following indices: Nasdaq 100, S&P400, S&P600, and S&P1500.

    EuroStoxx 600 Watchlist.owb (requires a subscription to Optuma’s end-of-day European & Nordic data)

    FTSE350 Watchlist.owb (requires a subscription to Optuma’s end-of-day LSE data)

    Save to your Downloads folder and then click on File > Open Workbooks in Optuma and you will be prompted to move the file to your default Workbook location.

    Once opened you can then apply a Page or Chart Layout you may have created, or use the workbook in a scan (select the workbook from the Codes to Scan option in the Scanning Manager).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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