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    Hi Optuma team,

    for a better screen navigation it would be helpful to be able to move the content of the screen one “screen content” backward or forward using the keyboard keys “Page Up” and “Page Down”.

    To be more precise: If I set in the chart properties the “Time On Screen” to “Locked” and “Bars On Screen” to “500” it should be possible to move the chart 500 bars backward if I click the “Page Down” key on my keyboard and the chart should move 500 bars forward if I click the “Page Up” key on my keyboard.

    Here is a picture of the keys on the keyboard.

    Having the possibility to move exact one screen content forward or backward would make it very easy to “sync” some charts in a workbook so that all chart in the workbook show the same date range.

    Using the “History Slider” would in some way do the same but “syncing” a few chart with the “History Slider” is very cumbersome.

    Currently it is only possible to use the “End key” to jump to the end of the data history or the “Home” key to jump to the start of the data hisotry.


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    Good idea. I’m all for keyboard shortcuts like this because mouse scrolling is dependant on too many variables.

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    Have you looked at the Time on Screen feature? Click on the background of the chart and then change the time on screen. This will lock the number of bars on each chart.

    Still does not allow you to jump back pages – but that will be easy to add.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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