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    Hi All,

    I’m trying to plot the Orb setting I’m using with Gann Planetary Lines showing selected Aspects.

    To explain, if I have the Earth GPL Conjunction (and/or other Aspect) line on my chart and I’m looking for Highs (or Lows) with an Orb of 6° I can highlight the bars meeting that criteria using a SHOWBAR. However, I would like to be able to see on my chart just where the 6° Orb line appears relative to the Earth GPL Aspect line. Now, I can do this by setting the GPL parameter “Custom Harmonics” to 360° /6 = 60, but that then floods my chart with all those Harmonics when all I want is the 6° lines each side of the Aspect line. Here’s what my chart looks like with Custom Harmonics = 60: 20180826 GLP Orb Lines Ideally I would like to show the +6° and -6° Orb lines each side of the selected GPL Aspects (ie Conjunction and/or Harmonics, ie Opposition, Square, Trine etc)  and shade the area in between them, but that might be asking too much. Any bright ideas on how I can show just the Orb offset lines from Conjunction and Opposition (ie Harmonics=2)?



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