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    Hi Optuma team,

    the Show View tool has in the Properties settings the option to change the Colour Scheme to Positive/Negative and then set the colours for Positive and Negative values as well as the Positive/Negative Barrier. That is a really good option.

    As you can see on my screenshot below I have set the Positive/Negative Barrier to “40” so that all values below “40” are colored red and the rest of the values are colored blue.


    I would recommend a feature that allows to colour not only the values below “40” but also the values above “80”. So the values above “80” would have e.g. the colour green, the values between “40” and “80” are blue, and the values below “40” are red.

    This would require a “Second” Positive/Negative Barrier option and a colour setting for the “Second” Positive/Negative Barrier.

    Hope this is possible.


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    Hi Thomas,

    You can do this using the Custom colour scheme rather than Positive / Negative.

    In the following example i have a script setup to show Blue when the value is > 50 and red when it is < -50, with the values in between showing black.


    More information on custom colours can be found here: https://help.optuma.com/kb/faq.php?id=862

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