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    Jeffrey A.
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    I have an idea that would be useful for doing research in the signal tester however it may have application elsewhere in a show view,etc..

    This tool / funtion would isolate specific criteria based on the presidential 4 year cycle (for USA)

    1) country selection
    2) year of cycle (if USA – select 1,2,3,4)
    3) republican / democrat (for President; can also add which party has 1) house majority and 2) senate majority  for USA )
    4) incumbant additional term (yes,no; did President get re-elected into new cycle?)

    So, my thinking is – if I want to see how an index, industry, specific stock, etc. has performed under these criteria, there would be a function that can quickly narrow things down.  Ex: how has the energy industry performed in the 4th quarter of the 1st year of new democratic presidency.   This would save a lot of time however I do see the tool could take some data research to program and occasional maintence, or maybe there is a way users can keep track of their own country data and import it..


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    There is a new cycle/seasonality tool that I am planning. This will be possible under that. No ETA yet as my development schedule is already too long.

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    Sir will it include heat map in seasonality.

    Jeffrey A.
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    Sounds like a neat project for down the road, thanks for the feedback.

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