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    I’ve been using the Recommendation column (Journal States) in Watchlists (group by) to organize my work.  The stocks I’ve marked ‘Hold’ are the ones I own and I do a daily review on those.  I also use buy, sell, evaluate, and other custom recommendation tags.  (Thank you for the ability to create custom Journal States!)   Throughout the day I get recommendations for new stocks from a service provider I subscribe to.  I quickly pull those onto my watchlist to evaluate later.  The problem I’m encountering is that Optuma seems to assign ‘Hold’ as a default journal state to every new stock I pull in, and these new entries end up sorted into my Hold group of stocks that I already own.  I don’t see a way to override the default journal state that is being applied to choose something else (‘evaluate’, or whatever).  How can I improve this workflow?  Do I need to abandon Hold as I’m currently using it and make a custom entry to replace it, or is there a way to override the default that I’m missing?  Is there a better way to keep track of tasks that need to be done for the stocks I manage?

    While we are talking about Recommendation Column/Journal State category list, I would love a way to create additional columns in my watchlist that work in the same way as the current Recommendation column.  For example, I mostly trade ETFs, but the provided Sector column (industrial, tech, consumer, etc.) is often not populated in the data feed provided for ETFs.  I’d like to fill this gap by creating my own tag on the list of ETFs I want to keep track of.  I also think of my stocks in categories such as core position, high risk, inverse, etc., which I need to manage differently.  There is only one custom Recommendation field to use, so I don’t know of a good way to group and keep track of these other concepts.


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    The default journal recommendation can not be changed at this time. I think an adjustment to your process is the best solution, creating a custom Journal label for your current holdings and changing them to reference the new label.

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