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    Hi all,

    I must be missing something really obvious here, but as a “learner”, please indulge me!

    I’m trying to save a really basic group of chart settings (candles, daily, couple of MA’s, some candle-colour settings) as a “default” across the entire software, such that every time I open any chart from any place, this is at least the very most base chart I will see.  Of course, I can then apply other layouts and so forth, or bypass this default using a template, but I’d still like to be able to change the default chart in the software – at the moment, I see a red-blue bar chart as the default, with no other adornments or settings (don’t like that one).

    Anyway, I have created the chart I desire, and under the Chart Actions, I’m pressing “Save Chart Layout as Default”, but I’m getting no response from the software via popup in bottom left corner, nor upon testing is this action applying to create a new system-wide default chart layout.

    Can someone quickly tell me how to do this?

    Regards, Matt.


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    You can setup a default layout in the Settings menu, so that when a new chart is opened that layout is already applied.

    You can access this property via Settings – Workspace – Charts

    The setting to adjust is called “New Charts Open

    For more information please refer to the following article:

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    Thanks Matt – Brilliant!  Just for my enlightenment, what does the setting I was trying to use do?

    > Chart Actions > “Save Chart Layout as Default”

    Ta, Matt.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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