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    I know there are Bollinger Band scans available but I can’t get any of them to work.

    I’m wanting to scan for Tight Bollinger Band squeezes. Attached are 2 example of where the arrows are. The result after a tight squeeze, is price expansion.

    Is it possible to scan for these?

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    Hi David,

    The Vergence() function can be used to identify areas of convergence or divergence between two lines on a chart.

    In the example of Bollinger Bands you can use something like this:

    UBB = BB(BARS=10).UpperLine ;

    LBB = BB(BARS=10).LowerLine ;


    This takes the 10 period Bollinger Band upper and lower lines, and looks for areas of convergence over 3 consecutive days.

    On the chart, the green shaded zones show the areas the scripted criteria is passing:


    You can modify the Bollinger band settings, and the number of consecutive days that need to occur for the criteria to pass based on your own requirements.

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