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    I saw the Small  Ephemeris Tool … that is good tool. I wanted to connect the price on this Ephemeris chart in real time if I get the real time data feed. So How can I do that  ?

    I mean I want to put live price of an instrument like gold …converted to degree’s in the Ephemeris and see how it moves from one zodiac to other and forms the aspect with planets in real time! ( Real time data I will manage )

    The present one is  static on chart ….meaning works for one price where it is placed! The other 3d ephemeris chart don’t have the provision to link the price of an instrument in Real time or EOD. Real time is necessary to how $ or Price, moves in ephemeris chart live in intraday fluctuation. We can put the Gann square of 9, Circle or Hexagon chart but there too live movement is not available!

    I request you guys to come up with this idea of linking price from chart to Ephemeris in real time and EOD. For better visualization. This can done in your next update.

    This would go like this . … imagine there shall be an option for opening the symbol of instrument on ephemeries (similarly also for gann charts mentioned above) and select and the price is placed on the ephemeris circle.
    The price would  straight way shows up in Ephemeris chart in respective zodiac forming angles and aspects with planets …bounce and drop as per intraday fluctuations to and fro after hitting the aspect and other planetary hurdles as it moves or plays in various zodiac on its course in the ephemeris circle AND Gann diagram. ( can be EOD and Real time data). REal time very important for understanding the dynamics! Please share my idea to your coders and the founder!



    Prospective Client of yours

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    Hi Sanjay

    Is there a particular setup you are looking for? The GPL tool (Gann Planetary Lines) gives you the same information.

    Look at these pages for more information:

    I can not promise that any changes to the ephemeris tool will get done as we have a backlog of work that will take most of 2020 to complete.

    All the best


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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