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    I am trying to look at areas covered in a specified timeframe and would like to multiply the price range by the cumulative volume and have the tool do that.
    I am trying to add a label to do the multiply to the Time Price Measure tool. I have seen this help page:
    The closest I can come up with for generating the cumulative volume so I can use it as a variable is:
    ACC(VOL(), RANGE=Look Back Period, BACKTYPE=Date, STARTDATE= D1)
    That formula doesn’t fit in the box, and also will a ‘timeframe as default’ get the selected range over the line drawn for the tool? It doesn’t seem like the timeframe can be specified that way.
    It seems like I need to specify the range as RANGE=abs(P2-P1), but that isn’t an option inside the ACC function, and the period would be (I2-I1) and that isn’t an option either.
    Is there a hidden ‘FOR’ loop supported?
    Also, when adding a label to this tool, there is no ‘…’ to bring up a script, so I don’t see how to add a script for the label. I can add some functions only in the provided box.
    I went through the beginning, intermediate, and advance training videos, are there other videos that go into lower level script functions?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Hi Robert,

    The standard scripting functions can’t be used in the TPM labels and I can’t see a way of using the ‘Cumulative Vol’ value in a formula, so unfortunately I don’t think we’ll be able to do that.

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