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    Wondering if it would be feasible to have a visual representation of bar relations, or other indicators, in the Script Manager? Something like this, (a screenshot from the old Market Analyst 2):

    MA2 Scanning Bullish Engulfing

    I know that there are dozens of candlestick patterns available in the default scripts, including the Bullish Engulfing shown above.

    The difficulty I have with scripting a bar pattern is that I don’t always know what the pattern looks like from the description. e.g. I’d have to Google “Bearish Stick Sandwich” to see what it looks like.

    If a bar pattern I’m considering is not one of the defaults, I find I need to sketch it out, think about the relation between the bars, and then convert it into a script. In MA2, the nice thing was being able to click and drag the bar open, high, low and close to see the desired pattern, (and presumably, the script was created behind the scenes.)

    One more example:

    MA2 Scanning Manager Gann Gap


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    Hi Ian,

    Yes, I often think about putting that back in!

    The Bar Pattern builder, in particular, was really cool and I still have the code for it all. The difficulty is making that all slot into the new script based way that we do all scans. I might add that to the schedule and see if we can get time to work on it.

    The scan images were easy in MA2 as I only had a handful of fixed scans. Now that anything is possible through scripting, that becomes a lot harder. We’d have to have sample data and then do all the calculations. But what if the script needed 5 years of data? With scanning so flexible in Optuma, it is almost impossible for us to do that. That’s why I always recommend that you bring your scripts into the Show tools (show bar, show plot, show view) first. Then you can verify that the results are what you expect.

    All the best



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    Hi Mathew,

    Thanks for your reply, and yes, the Bar Pattern Builder was cool.

    I’m beginning to grasp the capability of scripting in Optuma, it’s just not always easy. Thanks for the tip on bringing scripts into Show tools.



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