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    Hello folks,

    I have several questions about Watch Lists that I have not been able to find answers to and was hoping some one here has some pointers for me.

    1. Is it possible to write a script that selected a symbol on a watch list if certain criteria are met?  For example, if I have a calculated rank as a script column, can I conditionally select some symbols in the watch list?

    2. If I have a workbook with say 3 pages, each of which has a different watch list, can I manually select a few rows from each watch list and have all those symbols go into a new watch list?  I know I can manually select some symbols on a watch list and use “Open List As” to open another watch list, but I have to do that manually from each watch list.  I guess I am wondering if there are workbook level actions that can operate on all watch lists in a given workbook.

    Any pointers/help very much appreciated!

    Warm Regards,

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    Hi Raaj,

    I use watchlists a lot and I don’t think it’s possible to do either of the things you’re asking. Watchlist “cells” are just text, numbers or boolean values – you can’t assign any logic to them, or use the value of cells to calculate the values of other cells, as you would with a spreadsheet. Generally speaking, you’d need to copy/paste your watchlist cells to a spreadsheet, then implement your logic in the spreadsheet.

    About all you can do with the cells in a watchlist is sort the values in a column.


    Dave M.

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    Thanks, David.  I sort of  suspected that might be the case.  I wonder if it is possible to do with PASCAL code.  Hopefully someone from the Optuma team might have some pointers.


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