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    Silly question I think but I’m trying to draw a buffer zone between two lines. I think I can do it via channels etc but thought it would be simpler using shade but all I get is plots 5 and 6 no shade between the two?


    Change CP to say close() and it works fine.


    Is there a restriction on using static numbers with shade. I’ve tried using MA(CP, bars=1) or max(CP) but these don’t work either?


    CP = 7.28;

    Gap = if(cp<50,IF(cp<20,IF(cp<10,IF(cp<2,0.01,0.02),0.05),0.1),0.2);

    BuffHigh= (CP + Gap);

    BuffLow = (CP – Gap);

    Plot5 = BuffHigh;

    Plot6 = BuffLow;

    Plot7 = Shade(Plot5, Plot6);


    any advise appreciated.



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    Hi Steve,

    I’ve tried your test script and have found the same thing.  I am unsure why a static value would cause the Shading to stop working so have logged it with our developers now.

    Will let you know what they find.

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