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    I’m trying to create Bollinger Bands that have a shaded area between the upper and lower bands.  This is the script I’m using, but I get invalid.  As Plot 1 will never cross Plot 2, I have selected the same color for each.  The goal is a 30 period, 1 SD, simple/close Bollinger Band with medium turquoise shaded in between the upper and lower bands.

    Plot1 = BB(BARS=30, STYLE=Simple, CALC=Close, STDDEV=1.000000);
    Plot2 = BB(BARS=30, STYLE=Simple, CALC=Close, STDDEV=1.000000, DEFAULT=LowerLine);
    Plot3 = Shade(Plot1, Plot2, DOWNCOLOUR=Mediumturquoise, UPCOLOUR=Mediumturquoise, SHADEALPHA=100);

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    Hi Erik,

    I just used your script on a Show Plot on a chart here and it worked ok (no invalid message)…


    If you copied the script from an email or webpage be sure to paste it into notepad first, to remove any special characters that can come in, then copy paste from notepad into Optuma.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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