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    Hi guys

    I seek two 3 day simple MA’s plotted as stepped lines on the chart, one calculated with High, other Low; to be used as an entry and trailing stop indicator and plotted when close triggers an uptrend or down trend

    show plot script
    MAH = (Simple, high, 3 day);
    MAL = (Simple, low, 3 day);

    thought an if statement could decipher between plots but both lines are plotted

    if(Close() < MAL, plot 1, plot 2);
    plot 1 = MAH;
    plot 2 = MAL 

    so I get both plots, and I’m guessing its just taking the plot definitions and not considering the if statement. I tried putting the plot def into the IF statement and get do lines…

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    Hi Randy,

    The plot1 and plot2 lines will bypass the If statement and plot the functions they are assigned to.  If the idea is to swap between the Low / High MA you need just 1 plot, the IF function will handle the swap between the two.

    MAH = MA(BARS=3, CALC=High);

    MAL = MA(BARS=3, CALC=Low);

    plot1=IF(Close() < MAL, MAH,MAL);

    plot1.Plotstyle = Step;


    You can then setup the Show Plot to use a custom colour scheme so that when MAH is used it’s blue and MAL it’s red.


    The script used to set the blue colour was:

    MAH = MA(BARS=3, CALC=High);

    MAL = MA(BARS=3, CALC=Low);

    C1 = IF(Close() < MAL, MAH,MAL);

    MAH == C1





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