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    I want to run a signal test with a “low of the high bar” or “high of the low bar” entry sell/buy signal and have the script below. However, when combined with other criteria, it is excluding a lot of the signals that I am looking for. Is there a way to have this signal fire within +/- 3 bars of other entry criteria? For instance, when Jupiter changes to Aquarius, I would not need this exact point to exceed the Low of the high bar. I would need the signal to fire on the elongated red bar since the price closed below the previous high, within 3 bars of Jupiter changing signs.

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    Hi Jeff,

    You can use the PLSC() function with a TIMESINCESIGNAL() function, so for Jupiter changing signs within 3 days of the signal:

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    What does the below code signifies.

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    h1 sets the variable BARTYPES().Higher and the [1] offsets it by 1 bar.  Finally the == 1 means we’re looking for a True result.

    In summary the line means the previous bar is a Higher bar.

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