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    I wonder if in a future upgrade an expansion of alert sounds and color choices could be considered.  I know that in concept an alert should catch your attention and the current list of choices are all designed to do just that.  You really don’t have any subtle sound choices in the list though, similar to an unobtrusive text alert on our phones, a simple chime or other small sound.  I have a full-time job that sometimes requires virtual meetings and none of your alerts are really appropriate to have fire loudly in the background while I’m speaking.  (I’ve had this experience.)  In a similar vein, your color choices probably deserve an update too.  If you look at Microsoft products they have some color palettes that are coordinated to not clash and have good distinguishability when used next to each other in the same document.  Some of your colors have very low visibility, leaving only a few colors that get re-used all too often.


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