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    Hi Mathiew,

    It would be great to have the possibility to star stocks in a watchlist and get the stars also appear in the list (cf attachment)/

    Just like the star system in Gmail or label system in TradingView.

    Thanks and best regards


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    Hi Marc,

    They will not show in the security selector, but using Manual Fields is one way you can add your own labels to Securities.  See this article for more information

    All the best


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    Hi Matthew,

    I have the pro version with Gann module and I don’t have the EDF function (the EDF function could do the job but it’s more advanced than what I suggest you should provide).

    When we open a scan result in a watchlist, it’s to make a selection . In Optuma the only way to keep the selection is to export it in a new list. Let say I export to this new list the best results I got from x number of scans. I still need to pick 2-3 stocks to buy from this new list. I can’t keep track of/star my 2-3 “pick of the day” in the final list. So the exporting to a new list is like postponing the issue I have which is not being able to star/select outstanding stocks in a list (and keep track of them later).

    I end up writing the tickers outside Optuma but this is not efficient at all.

    Pls suggest how you keep track of your selection if there is an alternative way to manage this. In my experience, all trading platforms have this standard functionality.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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