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    How can I determine the stocks included in some of the SP500 GICS Industry lists?  For instance, where can I find the stocks in the SP500-255020 Internet & Catalog Retail Index?  I’m sure AMZN is in there, but what else?


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    Hi Terry,

    I’ve tried to research this before and believe you might need a Bloomberg connection with proper data access to these indices. Although sector and industry components are usually easy to discover, sub-industry L3 and L4 can be tricky to figure out.

    A work around could be to study an ETF such as $IBUY and examine the holdings but it may not be the exact same holdings. You could look at the prospectus to see exactly how they are selecting securities or what index they mirror, etc.


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    Yes, I figured as much.  Drilling down into sub-industry levels is a bit tricky.


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    I have asked about this in the past and also adding the info to the RIC tool.. but doesn’t look like they have any plans to implement this 🙁

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    Unfortunately the cost of licensing the GICs data is prohibitive for us – currently the only option to view this data in Optuma is by connecting to a Bloomberg datafeed:

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