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    Not sure what I’m doing wrong here:

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    I think the value returned by the script is already a %, by adjusting the Chart Elements properties to % it is multiplying the result by 100 again.  In the script, try dividing it by 100 there, this should bring the result back to the expected range.


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    That doesn’t seem to work: 1.105 can’t be the average percent change of the QQQ for the Volatility Swing indicator on the daily

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    Hi Krishen,

    The AvgPercent option is calculating the average retracement of the swings, not the percent change. If you change the Swing Count from 10 to 1 you will see it matches the P/R label in the Gann Swing Overlay chart. You could use AvgSwing instead but note this is in dollars not percent so I’ll log a request to make the average change percent to be added to the SwingStat output for version 2.2.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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