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    Dear Optuma Team,

    I have been using ThinkOrSwim (TOS) for years. It provides live data for US stocks and Futures.

    The US live stock data is implemented in Optuma.
    The futures live data (history data as well) is missing from Optuma.
    My problem is Spot, Volume Spot and TOS futures data are different but I have to trade data that TOS provides.

    I really appreciate to have real time futures data in Optuma for TOS. Could you please, implement it?

    Thank you,

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    Hi Laszlo.

    I assume that you are accessing this through TD Ameritrade interface? We’ll have to have a look if we can Map our futures to what they provide. So long as we can map, it should be possible.

    Can you give me some example tickers you would use?

    All the best


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    Hello Mathew,

    You are right. I was talking about TD Ameritrade. I always use ThinkOrSwim (TOS) because the base platform is TOS. TD Ameritrade bought that company many years ago…

    Thank you for the possibility to map the TD Ameritrade futures code. TD Ameritrade gives one chart where I see current data (actual month) and historic data in one chart.

    I appreciate if these could be available in Optuma :

    •  /NG (Natural Gas),
    • /PL (Platinum)
    •  /CL  (Crude Oil WTI) /RB (Gasoline) /HO (Heating Oil)
    •  /GC  (Gold)
    •  /SI  (Silver)
    •  /HG  (Chopper)
    •  /PA  (Palladium)
    •  /ZC  (Corn)
    •  /ZS /ZM /ZL (Soybeans, Soybean oil, Soybean meal
    •  /ZW  (Wheat)
    •  /CC  (Cocoa)
    •   /CT (Cotton)
    •   /OG  (Orange juice)
    •   /KC (Coffee)
    •  /SB  (Sugar)
    •   /ZT /ZF /ZN.  (Bonds 2, 5, 10 years)

    Thank you very much,


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    The whole ThinkOrSwim datafeed would be nice, not just the futures. Thxs.

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    We have it in our job system for a developer to look at. One of us will reply here once we know if it is possible.

    All the best


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    Hi Matthew,

    I would love this functionality if possible.

    Think or Swim provides live data feed if you enable additional markets similar to how you have done to the equity markets it would mean that we don’t need to subscribe to additional data feeds

    Would you also be able to include the equity futures indices, please






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