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    Hi, I am trying to test the VME signal “E” through the SIGNAL TESTER and can not get a script to match the packaged VME indicator. I used the script “VME()” but it returns all signals both overbought and oversold without seperating the two signal types. Also, VME signal returns different results if I add the indiciator to a VBSR chart vs. a VBM chart. Can anyone help?  Thank you!

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    Hi Michael,

    There isn’t a property in the VME tool to separate the signal types, so therefore there isn’t a scripting option. You would need to combine the VBM() function and the oversold / overbought output.

    Momentum end when VBM overbought > oversold:

    Momentum end when VBM oversold > overbought:

    Here’s an example using a separate Show Bar line for each condition on SPY:


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