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    I’m trying to create a zero lag EMA script but there seems to be an error with my syntax.

    The formula (from is:

    Lag: [(n day’s period -1) /2 ]

    Entry data for EMA: [Close + (Close – Close of the day lag ago)]

    ZLEMA = EMA of (Entry data for EMA)


    My script is (for a 50 period ZLEMA):


    P1 = 50;

    Lag = ((P1 – 1 ) / 2 );

    EMA1 = (Close() + (Close() – Close(Lag) ) );

    ZLEMA = EMA(EMA1);


    Where am I going wrong?





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    Hi Steve,

    I think the issue is how you’re referencing P1 in the second line.  For information on how to reference a variable like that please refer to the following article:

    Additionally on the last line, EMA() is not a valid scripting function.  You’d need to use MA(STYLE=Exponential)

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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