200 day moving average

Hi there.

I'm looking for a way to scan stocks that closes (or is close too) the 200 Moving average line. Is it possible to do something like that on optuma? I would like to scan all stocks for that setup.



Thanks John. You can use this for closing prices crossing above the 200MA:

CLOSE() CrossesAbove MA(Bars=200)

To scan for when the closing price is within 2% below the 200MA use this:

//Calc 200MA;
MA200 = MA(BARS=200, CALC=Close);
//Close is below 200MA but above 200MA*0.98;
CLOSE()<MA200 and CLOSE() > (MA200*0.98)

This can be used in a scan or watchlist column. In this example the Moving Average Bands tool has been applied to the chart, set to 2%:


Hi Darren

Thank you for the quick reply, much appreciated!