3 Day Chart

When choosing the 3 day period for a chart, is there a way to configure the chart to reset the 3 day count at the beginning of every week?

For instance, I’d like to use Monday - Wednesday as the first bar of the week on a D3 chart, then Thu-Fri(Sat) as the 2nd 3day bar.

Based on what I’m seeing, the 3 day chart currently overlaps days into weeks consecutively when constructing bars (See attached image).

Based on what I’ve read, Gann’s construction of the 3day chart always began on a Monday. I’d like to reflect this within Optuma somehow.


Hi Alexander,

One reason why Gann’s 3 trading-day swing charts generally started Mondays was that during most of Gann’s life the markets traded 6 days each week (except when there were holidays), so you automaticlly got 2 x 3 day periods each week. Saturday trading ceased in most markets in the early 1950s, so that blew that nice 2 x3 per week arrangement away.

Starting a 3 trading-day swing every Monday would mean you no longer had a 3 trading-day swing chart, but a 3 + 2 trading-day swing chart, which goes against the rules for 3 trading-day swing chart construction.