52 week lows script problem

I ran this script today on the ASX 200 from optuma's scripting formulas.

52 Week Lows
CLOSE() >= LOWESTLOW(RANGE=LOOK BACK PERIOD,BARS=252). It produced 188 results. The problem is not all results are 52 week lows. Stocks like BWP/CCL/CHC/CQR are not 52 week lows. In fact BWP is a 52 week high. Where does the problem lie? Scanning manager selections were date range -last bar and data time frame daily.

Thanks Peter

Hi Peter,

If you are looking for new 52 Week Lows you need to reference the Low() not the Close. You are also looking for a Crosses Below, rather than a Greater Than / Equal to range.

LOW() CrossesBelow LOWESTLOW(BARS=252)

With the above script there are only 2 results found on the ASX 200 for the last bar.


This is my first ever post, and I'm just learning scripting myself at the moment, but I noticed also that your script Peter seems to be looking for, in effect CLOSE GREATER than of equal to the lowestlow for the previous year. Straight off the bat, perhaps it should be CLOSE LESS than or equal etc..

On AX200, given your stated results, this would give 12 tickers, which sounds a bit more like it.

Thanks I've got that working now. How did you apply the green line to your chart? So the original script, what is that designed to show?

Thanks Peter


Hi Peter,

The green line is just a Show Plot tool with the Lowest Low part of the script applied.


Hey guys here are another HIGHESTHIGH / LOWESTLOW post that might be of interest:


Also, to create a tool for eg 52 week high use this in a Show Plot (and save as an indicator in Same View to add it to your toolbox).