AAII Sentiment Data

The AAII Investor Sentiment Survey has become a widely followed measure of the mood of individual investors. The weekly survey results are published in financial publications including Barron’s and Bloomberg and are widely followed by market strategists, investment newsletter writers and other financial professionals.

Whilst we don’t have the data available in our database, it can be imported in to Optuma from .csv text files. To do this, save and extract the attached folder to a suitable location on your system (such as Documents/Optuma to create Documents/Optuma/AAII Sentiment Data).

To import the data click on Data > Import Local Data and click the 3 dots to navigate to the saved AAII Sentiment Data folder, and Import.


You will then be able to open the weekly Bullish, Bearish, and Neutral survey values from the imported folder (AAIIBULL, AAIIBEAR, and AAIINEUT). Save and open the .owb workbook file attached to open these charts:

AAII Histogram


Updating the Data

The survey data is updated every Thursday and available from the AAII website, so to update the charts open the three .csv files (preferably in Notepad, as Excel can change the date formatting) and enter the latest values. Save and close the .csv file, and then reopen the charts in Optuma and they will be updated (there's no need to reimport the files).

Updated data and workbook attached.

AAII-Sentiment-Charts-2.owb (146 KB)

AAII-Sentiment-Data-1.zip (26.8 KB)

Hi Darren,

Do you have an up to date csv file for AAII Sentiment?


See attached. They can be updated every week from AAII Investor Sentiment Survey | AAII

AAIIBEAR.csv (31.4 KB)
AAIIBULL.csv (37.1 KB)
AAIINEUT.csv (37.1 KB)

Thanks Darren.

I’m getting “Missing Data” in the Info Panel which I have not come across before?