Adding a Line alert or similar alert to a Watchlist or CSV list of securities

I have a list of targets i.e. Intrinsic Value levels for stocks. In the regular scripting language is it possible to run a scan or similar to set alerts to those values within a watchlist of CSV list of symbols? I already have the values as a column in a watchlist but was hoping to automate setting an alert to that level.

Hi Duke,

You can run a scan or add a Watchlist column using your imported data using the DATAFIELD() function, eg


where ‘Field=IV’ is your intrinsic value data.

Darren, thanks I do have that as a column in the watchlist but I was hoping to take advantage of the alerts function as that will alert me even if the that watchlist is not open.

Ah ok. For an alert you would need to add a Technical Alert for each one using that formula. Depending on how many you have it may be better to create a scan and open the results as a watchlist. Save the watchlist in a workbook, and then every time the workbook is opened the list will update automatically with the current results.

See this video: