AI Bot in Knowledge Base

The AI Bot in the Knowledge Base is very helpful. Of course it can be more helpful as it learns more. For the bot to learn, we simply have to use it. I have had great success in having the bot write scripts for more. Stuff like, “I’d like to create a custom index with 7 stocks using geometric average. The stocks are BAC, AXP, KO, CVX, OXY, KHC and MCO. Can you show me the script?” It also created a script for Richard Russell’s Primary Trend Indicator with simple prompting.

This is a useful feature.

I haven’t seen anything on this anywhere and want to encourage others to try the bot. It won’t share your data or scripts with anyone else but it learns more about scripting the more we all use it and that means it will provide all of us with better answers.


I agree, I have used the AI bot with numerous help questions in learning how to use Optuma. It has been immensely beneficial.

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Hi Michael,

Where can I find the AI bot in Knowledge Base of Optuma?


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Thanks for the feedback.

The next major update of Optuma will have the bot available from the help menu.

For now, you can find it at


You can also find the AI Bot in the Knowledge Base pages, look to the bottom right.