Assistance please



I’m wondering if someone can assist. I am having issues with a Watchlist when I use the code SI2Spot. The formula in the Watchlist sometimes brings back 1 or 8 whilst the same formula in the Graph returns 1 for the last daily bar and 8 for the last weekly bar. I think it depends on whether I have the day or week selected in the watchlist hen I bring in the SI2Spot code – this should not be how it should work as the results should naturally update when you change between daily and weekly.


Can someone please let me know what is going on with the code. I am using AUD in both the watchlist and the Chart so that is not the issue. Can it be a data importation issue as it brings in the correct number when I type the code again into the Watchlist but when I change it from daily to weekly or vice versa it does not update.



OptumaSent-17.05.2020.owb (34.5 KB)


Try setting the Date Range of the Watchlist in properties to Everything to match the Date Range being used by the chart. If that doesn’t fix the variation please send a screen shot example of how it appears on your program for comparison here.