ASX and US IPO workbooks

Attached are workbooks that you can save and open on your copy of Optuma that show IPO performance for this year’s IPOs on the ASX and US markets.

The lists were created from these sources:



There have been 30 new listings on the ASX this year, with the best performer (based on the opening trading price - not the IPO price) is Uniti Wireless (UWL) which is up 300%, followed by Next Science Ltd (NXS) at 111%. However, both are down more than a third from their highs:

Of the 92 new listings in the US so far in 2019, Beyond Meat (BYND) is up 254% from it’s opening traded price on May 2nd, and has also fell 33% from its high in July:

Workbooks are attached.


US-IPOs.owb (103 KB)

ASX-IPOs.owb (63 KB)

Attached are the updated workbooks for IPOs for ASX and US (up to April 2021).

US-IPO-2021.owb (218 KB)

ASX-IPO-2021.owb (143 KB)